Tasting Notes – Eastern Europe Wines 04.10.2024

presented by Brad Werner of Ocean South Imports

Blaufränkisch Incognito ~ 2022

Appellation: Carpathian Basin, Hungary

The blue-franc (kékfrankos) is the most diverse, most potent, and least recognized variety. It smells almost like a light, airy rosé, but it could pretend to be a fresh Riesling. You can already feel a twisting sensation in a sip of it.

Grapes: Blaufränkisch 100%

Tasting notes: Its aroma is perfumed with some cherries with fresh, crunchy early raspberries, peaches, white mulberries, a little creaminess. From fresh cherries to exotic fruits, there is a wide range of flavors and aromas. Clean, nice, flattering wine.

Producer: Lajver

Weissburgunder Birthal ~ 2019

Elegant wine with power and harmony notes of yellow fruits, light pineapple, and hint of lemon. Very powerful yet supple, with a very full fruit sweetness. It is dominated by peach and apricot notes with mild hints of pineapple. Long finish, absolutely full-bodied.

Appellation: Niederösterreich, Austria

Grapes: Weissburgunder 100%
Tasting notes: Shining straw yellow with green reflections and golden shimmer in the glass. In the nose a mix of apple and citrus flavors. On the palate pleasantly dry with fine fruit sweetness, on the finish elegant and harmonious with beautiful density and well-supporting acidity.

Pairings: Perfect accompaniment to traditional slowly cooked caramelized pork belly, as well as fish, seafood and poultry.
Producer: Weinrieder

Burgenland The Butcher Zweigelt ~ 2020

The winemaker Hans Schwarz’s, career actually began as a butcher, hence his nickname, “The Butcher”. Hans is a true “Burgenlander”, meaning he is a hunter and a farmer who knows how to get things done with his hands as the generations before had taught him. Following the success story of Hans Schwarz, his son Michael took over the winery in 2017, who had previously gained professional experience on the Saar, Mallorca, southern France and Australia.

Appellation: Andau/Burgenland, Austria

Grapes: Zweigelt 100%
Tasting notes: Violet-reddish in color. Aromas of cherry, dark berries, herbs, and spices. On the palate it is balanced with

firm tannins and flavors of cherry and oak.

Pairings: Anything your local butcher sells.
: Weingut Schwarz

Dalmatia Black ~ 2018

Our St. Roko vineyard is positioned on the very root of Pelješac peninsula, a bit north from the place where it becomes mainland, in the beautiful Komarna. Here, the vine has been grown for centuries, but the microlocality of our vineyard has never been cultivated. The richness of the soil, mostly its minerality, comes from limestone, a bit of Dalmatian red soil, and great exposure to the sun. It seems as if it was waiting for all these centuries to feed the roots of Plavac Mali called Sv. Roko.
Appellation: Central And South Dalmatia, Croatia
Grapes: Plavac Mali 100%
Tasting notes: Layered with vanilla and black chocolate flavors, plums, and figs. The end is long with notes of berries and black pepper.
Pairings: It goes well with blue fish, meat or classic dishes with meat sauces.
Producer: Saints Hills Winery