Tasting Notes – Northern Italy & Romanian Wines 07.10.24

Müller Thurgau ~ 2023

The Cembra valley is a narrow and precipitous gorge cut through by the Avisio torrent that originates on the Marmolada in the heart of the Dolomites. Moser’s origins are rooted in this land with centuries-old winegrowing traditions where only the dauntless are rewarded. In the 80s, a bishop’s residence was purchased in Maso Warth to house a new tasting room. For three generations the Moser family has been making wine in the Trentino region.

Grapes: 100% Müller Thurgau – ABV 12%

Tasting notes: Straw-yellow. Intense and aromatic bouquet with floral hints. Fresh and full-flavored savory taste, making this a typical mountain wine.
Pairings: It is suitable for aperitifs as well as delicate starters.
Aging: 6 months stainless steel
: MOSER / Appellation: Cembra Valley, Trento, Italy

Riesling Renano ~ 2022

“Rhine Riesling” is a white grape variety, originating in the German Moselle region. Its typical traits are found in its perfectly balanced acidity, sweetness, and alcohol content. In the Maso Warth estate, this grape variety is grown on a hill close to the ancient bishop’s residence, at an altitude of 400 m, in a vineyard facing North that was specifically selected to enhance this variety’s characteristics. Riesling is the quintessential long-lasting white wine. This wine needs a few years of bottle-aging to reveal its best qualities.
 100% Riesling
Tasting notes: Straw yellow color with greenish highlights. The nose is fresh with typical tertiary hydrocarbon notes. The mouth is pleasantly sapid with a persistent finish.

Pairings: Suitable for pork dishes, spicy food, curry.
8 months oak, 1 year bottle.
: MOSER / Appellation: Cembra Valley, Trento, Italy

Rose de Petro Vaselo ~ 2021

The vineyard hills are arranged like an amphitheater, creating a microclimate in which the weather conditions make particularly favorable the development of viticulture. The soil is predominantly clayey and in a few well-defined small areas there are calcareous veins. We are Organic. Why? Because we care. The Pinot Noir vineyard to produce Rose de Petro Vaselo is located on the top of a hill with west exposure

Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir – ABV 12%
Tasting notes:  Pale salmon pink color. Very aromatic to the nose, with scents of violet and hawthorn. Fruity notes of peach, lychee, and citrus appear in the mouth. Pleasantly spicy aftertaste.
Pairings: Suited for vegetable or fish, sea fruit-based foods, cheese
Aging: 3 months in a bottle
: Petro Vaselo / Appellation: Romania

Otarnita Pinot Noir ~ 2022

Synthesis of Petro Vaselo spirit, pure expression of our terroir, these wines truly are “the soul of our soil”. Starting with the grapes from the most particular parcels, which ferment with wild yeasts and it concludes with the names of the wines, antique names of the same parcels from which the grapes arrive. The vineyard of Otarnița lies on a hillside with western exposure. The rows lean longitudinally on the slope of the hill
Grapes:  100% Pinot Noir – ABV 13.5%
Tasting notes: Light floral and cherry notes, with soft tannins and balsamic aftertaste. Elegant and complex wine with aromas of small red fruits, spices, and vanilla hints. Integrated tannins and notes of licorice, rosemary, and black pepper.
Pairings: A great match for soft cheeses, and dishes with forest mushrooms (risotto, spicy duck, lamb.
Aging: Aging in barrique for 12 months.
Producer: Petro Vaselo / Appellation: Romania