Unlock the world of exceptional wines at Cellar Door Wine Shop


Why Us?


Every bottle tells a story. We hand-select wines from small family-run vineyards from around the world. Many of our wines are sustainably produced, free from chemical additives, and not found in other local stores.


We offer a variety of opportunities to experience and learn about wine – from free samples during a store visit, to weekly wine tastings, to in-depth seminars.


A relaxing comfortable space where you are free to browse and ask any questions – whether you’ve never tasted wine or you have a huge wine cellar, we welcome you all.

Our Wine Philosophy

At Cellar Door Wine Shop, we believe wine is a journey, not just a drink. Each bottle in our collection tells a unique story from vineyards far and wide. We are passionate about sharing these stories and deepening your appreciation for wine. Join us to explore, learn, and enjoy the world of wine, one sip at a time.


Stepped into this beautiful shop on their opening day! What a lovely space. Welcomed recommendations from one of the owners, Andy. Thank you! Will definitely be back! Happy Sipping,

J. C.

A great addition to the downtown. We grabbed a few bottles at their pop-up and a few more during their opening weekend. We love the unique selection that you will not find at your “big box” outlets, and we also like the fact that there is something for every budget.

S. T.

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